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Course Levels


Learning the Art of Intercession offers lessons in the foundational aspects of prayer and intercession from “Understanding Prayer” to “The Character and Lifestyle of an Intercessor.”


Developing the Art of Intercession is designed to help intercessors graduate into “Kneeling Warriors” who understand the power of prayer, fasting and the explosive nature of warfare prayers.

Demonstrating the Art of Intercession will help you learn how to lead corporate prayer, from understanding “The Art of Spiritual Warfare” to “Helping Others Encounter God” and developing other intercessors.


This online course is available now for only $55.00 (USD) and includes six video lessons (approximately 1 hour in length), six video prayer exercises, PDF prayer manual, and a certificate of completion.

Course Syllabus

Understanding Prayer

  • The basic principles of prayer
  • The how, when and why of prayer
  • Overcome common hindrances to developing effective prayer habits

The Different Forms of Prayer

  • Different models of prayer that produce specific, targeted results
  • The Prayer of Intercession
  • The Prayer of Worship
  • The Prayer of Faith (and more)

The Keys to Answered Prayer

  • Proven strategies for success in prayer
  • Fundamental approaches to prayer
  • Aligning your heart with the heart of God

Moving Heaven Through Prayer

  • Powerful dimensions of prayer
  • The impact of answered prayers on the earth
  • Answered prayers affect our lives and society

The Purpose of Intercession

  • The significance of meeting with God
  • The role of the intercessor
  • The enemy of intercession

The Character & Lifestyle of an Intercessor

  • Effective intercessors manage their lives
  • Prayer habits of powerful intercessors
  • Best practices of intercessors


This online course is available now for only $55.00 (USD) and includes six video lessons (approximately 1 hour in length), six video prayer exercises, PDF prayer manual, and a certificate of completion.

Course Syllabus

The Power of Prayer

  • Your relationship with Jesus
  • Your position, power, and authority in prayer
  • Habits that drain the power of your prayers

The Prayer of Faith

  • Pray faith-filled prayers
  • Desperately begging God vs. persistence in prayer
  • Develop bold assurance and increased confidence in God

Becoming a Prayer Warrior

  • Important characteristics of a Prayer Warrior
  • The primary job of an intercessor
  • Apply offensive and defensive weapons in spiritual warfare

The Kneeling Warrior

  • How to focus your righteous anger in prayer
  • Authoritative prayers
  • Stages of spiritual warfare and how to engage each step

The Power of Prayer & Fasting

  • What Jesus says about fasting
  • Spiritually sound reasons for fasting and prayer
  • Steps to successfully starting and completing a fast

The Explosive Nature of Warfare Prayers

  • Gain insight into the enemy’s goals and tactics
  • Wrestling against spiritual forces
  • Praying in the Spirit


This online course is not yet available and is only available as an on-site course. More information coming soon.

Course Syllabus

The Art of Spiritual Warfare

  • Effectively taking a stand against the deceptive and vicious attacks of Satan
  • How to launch a preemptive Spirit-directed attack
  • Practical training in spiritual warfare

The Church at Prayer

  • Leading congregational prayer
  • Different styles of leading corporate prayer
  • The Path of Prayer Method

 Leading Public Prayer

  • Role of the congregation in public prayer
  • Role of the prayer leader in public prayer
  • Prayer exercises

Helping Others Encounter God

  • Tools to facilitate a prayer gathering so that others encounter God
  • The spirit of prayer being present in the meeting
  • Being prepared with Scriptures, topic, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

Leading a Concert of Prayer

  • Facilitate corporate prayer with agreement from participants
  • Cultivate unity, singleness of focus, and faith during prayer

Intercessory Prayer

  • The role intercessory worship plays in leading corporate prayer
  • Connecting people to the presence of God