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Bring the School of Prayer to your church, with minimum host requirements and no cost to you.

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If You Believe

  • It’s time for the Church to return to prayer and intercession
  • God’s people can be taught how to pray
  • Bible Study and Prayer produces the power of God

If You Want to See

  • Your congregation excel at intercessory prayer
  • A sustained prayer movement of the Holy Spirit
  • Your church become a house of prayer for all nations

If You Want to Access

  • A systematic Biblical training course
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level courses
  • A platform that trains and certifies intercessors to lead prayer


Certification Training

Choose a minimum of eight (8) leaders to be trained and certified as instructors and intercessory facilitators. They should be good Bible teachers and gifted intercessors who have prayer-leading abilities.

Partnership Agreement

A minimum two (2) year agreement to work in concert with The School of Prayer by following all guidelines associated with registration, minimum student requirements, costs, certified staff, and marketing.

Suitable Location

Your site should be able to host three classes, simultaneously, twice per year. Each class should hold a minimum of twenty students.

The Benefits

Turnkey Structure

Your ministry will have access to a defined school structure, exemplary curricula and all marketing elements needed to succeed in training intercessors.

No Cost to You

Aside from meeting all minimum requirements, there is no cost to becoming a host site of The School of Prayer.

Equip Your Leaders & Congregants

Your leaders will receive practical training on how to lead public prayer and train your congregation in effective intercession.

Becoming a House of Prayer

Fulfill the Biblical mandate of “becoming a house of prayer for all nations.” Isa. 56:7.

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