Offering you three levels of instruction

Learning the Art of Intercession

This level offers lessons in the foundational aspects of prayer and intercession. These specialized training courses will provide formal preparation in the area of intercession so that you are equipped to execute the awesome responsibility of praying for God's agenda on the earth.
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Developing the Art of Intercession

This level is designed to help intercessors graduate into more effective practices of prayer evidenced by the formation of prayer shields around their families and communities. You will also gain a greater understanding of the privilege and power of prayer.
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Demonstrating the Art of Intercession

In this level intercessors learn how to strategize in prayer, obtain trophies of intercession by launching attacks against Satan, and become effective in training others in the art of intercession. You will also gain a greater understanding on how to lead corporate prayer by identifying and removing bad habits that leads to ineffective public prayer and helping others to encounter God through prayer.
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