Sample Syllabus - Beginner Level - Learning The Art of Intercession

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1. Orientation and Overview: What to Expect During The School of Prayer Training

Certified faculty welcome students and provide an overview of what to expect during the two-day training. The course schedule is outlined, orientation to the host site facility is provided and students are invited to ask questions.

2. Lesson - 1 - Understanding Prayer: This lesson is aimed at teaching the basic principles of prayer. You will learn the how, when and why of prayer. Further, you will discover how to overcome common hindrances to developing effective prayer habits.

3. Lesson 2 - The Different Forms of Prayer: This lesson will familiarize students with the various forms of prayer. You will experience different models of prayer aimed at producing specific, targeted results. The prayer of intercession, the prayer of worship, and the prayer of faith are some of the prayer types to be explored.

4. Lesson 3 - The Keys to Answered Prayer: This lesson is designed to provide students with proven strategies for success in prayer. You will explore Jesus' instructions regarding the fundamental approaches to prayer. Faculty will help students discover how to align their hearts with the heart of God concerning His will and purposes.


6. Lesson 4 - Moving Heaven Through Prayer: This lesson is intended to increase your awareness of the powerful dimensions of prayer. Students will discover the impact of answered prayer in the earth realm and how heaven's answers affect our lives in a broader, societal level.

7. Lesson 5 - The Purpose of Intercession: In this lesson, intercession is clearly defined along with the significance of meeting with God. The role of the intercessor is thoroughly explored and students learn essential details about the enemy of intercession.

8. Lesson 6 - The Character and Lifestyle of an Intercessor: This lesson is aimed at helping students gain an understanding of how effective intercessors manage their lives. Prayer habits of powerful intercessors and their best practices are researched and studied during this lesson.


Sample Syllabus - Intermediate Level - Developing The Art of Intercession

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1. Orientation and Overview: What to Expect During The School of Prayer Training

Certified faculty welcome students and present a brief overview of the two-day training. Students receive a review of the course agenda.

2. Lesson - 1 - The Power of Prayer: You will discover how your relationship with Jesus Christ affords you position, power and authority in prayer. The efficacy of your prayers will grow exponentially as you learn the nature of God and recognize the habits that drain the power of your prayers.

3. Lesson 2 - The Prayer of Faith: This lesson teaches what it means to pray faith-filled prayers. You will discover the difference between desperately begging God to move on behalf of those you pray for and achieving effectiveness through persistence in prayer. Learn to develop bold assurance through increased confidence in God as you discover how to pray the prayer of faith.

4. Lesson 3 - Becoming a Prayer Warrior: Students learn the important characteristics needed by those inducted into God's army of prayer warriors. You will discover the primary job of an intercessor, including what it means to defend and protect territory and how to keep constant watch for attacks from the enemy. This lesson will teach you to apply offensive and defensive weapons in spiritual warfare.


6. Lesson 4 - The Kneeling Warrior: Students learn how to focus their righteous anger - precipitated by the broken state of affairs in our word - to authoritative prayer as a kneeling warrior. You will learn the stages of spiritual warfare and how to engage each step as part of the journey of a kneeling warrior.

7. Lesson 5 - The Power of Prayer and Fasting: In this lesson, you will discover the important of fasting as a tool of intercession and as a way to increase your intimacy with God. This lesson outlines what Jesus says about fasting, teaches spiritually sound reasons for fasting, and offers practical, how-to steps to successfully starting and completing a fast.

8. Lesson 6 - The Explosive Nature of Warfare Prayers: Students learn to become effective in spiritual warfare by gaining insight to the enemy's goals and tactics. You will be given a schematic outlining how to engage in spiritual warfare-including taking a stand against the devil, wresting against spiritual forces, and praying in the Spirit.


Sample Syllabus - Advanced Level - Demonstrating The Art of Intercession

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1. Orientation and Overview: What to Expect During The School of Prayer Training

Certified faculty welcome students and present a brief overview of the two-day training. Students receive a review of the course agenda.

2. Lesson - 1 - The Art of War: This lesson is intended to increase your expertise in effectively taking a stand against the deceptive and vicious attacks of Satan. You also learn how to launch preemptive Spirit-directed attacks of your own.

3. Lesson 2 - The Church at Prayer: This lesson is aimed at equipping you to lead congregational prayer by gaining an understanding of God's heart in establishing the local church as a house of prayer. You will learn the different styles of leading corporate prayer and how to effectively lead prayer in a public setting through the use of the path off prayer method.

4. Lesson 3 - Leading Public Prayer: Understanding the role off the congregation as well as the prayer leader is an important aspect of leading public prayer. We will study both roles and apply a prayer exercise to reinforce this section of our lesson.


6. Lesson 4 - Helping Others Encounter God: This lesson is intended to give you the tools to facilitate a prayer gathering where others have a genuine encounter with God-namely, they experience His heart, His mood, and His burden for that prayer session. You will learn what it means to have the spirit of prayer present in the meeting; how preparedness brings focus to the time of prayer; how to utilize Scripture to stimulate faith and agreement around the prayer topic; and how to shift the prayer topic through your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

7. Lesson 5 - Leading a Concert of Prayer: Leading a Concert of Prayer is aimed at positioning you to facilitate corporate prayer meetings in which participants pray in agreement with Scripture, in agreement with you as the prayer-guide, and in agreement with one another. The goal of this lesson is to train you to cultivate unity, singleness of focus, and faith so that God's power is present during corporate prayer.

8. Lesson 6 - Intercessory Worship: Intercessory worship is an essential tool for leading and participating in corporate prayer. This lesson is intended to further equip you with skills for facilitating effective and meaningful prayer gatherings. By applying intercessory worship to your prayer-leadership, you will become adept at connecting people to the presence of God, thereby strengthening their faith for receiving answers to their prayers.

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