Developing the Art of Intercession

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deve1Developing the Art of Intercession is our Intermediate Level in the School of Prayer. This level is appropriate for you if the following three statements hold true regarding your current prayer life – as a daily practice you spend at least 30 minutes or more in prayer over the past several years. You have successfully completed two or more 10-day fasts in the past year. You have read books and taken previous prayer-intercession training courses that have primed your prayer life and now you want to take it to the next level.
If the above best describes your prayer life then Developing the Art of Intercession is for you! If not, please see our other two online courses.


Developing the Art of Intercession Course Syllabus

Each lesson is approximately 1 hour in length

  • Lesson 1 – The Power of Prayer: You will discover how your relationship with Jesus Christ affords you position, power and authority in prayer. The efficacy of your prayers will grow exponentially as you learn the nature of God and recognize the habits that drain the power of your prayers.
    The Power of Prayer practical training exercise:The prayer facilitator will guide you through an exercise that will help you to identify and specifically pray for any habits that drain the power of your prayers.
  • Lesson 2 – The Prayer of Faith: This lesson teaches what it means to pray faith-filled prayers. You will discover the difference between desperately begging God to move on behalf of those you pray for and achieving effectiveness through persistence in prayer. Learn to develop bold assurance through increased confidence in God as you discover how to pray the prayer of faith.
    The Prayer of Faith practical training exercise: Our prayer facilitator will help guide you through a practical prayer exercise designed to instill the faith needed to move your prayer(s) from that of hope to solid belief.
  • Lesson 3 – Becoming a Prayer Warrior: Students learn the important characteristics needed by those inducted into God’s army of prayer warriors. You will discover the primary job of an intercessor, including what it means to defend and protect territory and how to keep constant watch for attacks from the enemy. This lesson will teach you to apply offensive and defensive weapons in spiritual warfare.
    Becoming a Prayer Warrior practical training exercise: What are the weapons of prayer and how do you utilize them to defend and or launch attacks against the enemy’s camp? This training exercise help guide you in understanding your role as a prayer warrior.
  • Lesson 4 – The Kneeling Warrior: Students learn how to focus their righteous anger – precipitated by the broken state of affairs in our word – to authoritative prayer as a kneeling warrior. You will learn the stages of spiritual warfare and how to engage each step as part of the journey of a kneeling warrior.
    The Kneeling Warrior Prayer practical training exercise: How does one use a righteous anger or indignation to help propel your prayer to one of malaise and routine to anointed and powerful? This exercise will help you understand how to use the needs and problems the Holy Spirit has burdened your heart with as a source of powerful prayer.
  • Lesson 5 – The Power of Prayer and Fasting: In this lesson, you will discover the important of fasting as a tool of intercession and as a way to increase your intimacy with God. This lesson outlines what Jesus says about fasting, teaches spiritually sound reasons for fasting, and offers practical, how-to steps to successfully starting and completing a fast.
    The Power of Prayer and Fasting practical training exercise: When is it time to couple your prayer(s) with the power of fasting? What type of fasts do the bible mention? What are the results you can expect when you fast and pray? This training exercise will help you see the importance of fasting and when to use the fast to elevate your concern before the Lord.
  • Lesson 6 – The Explosive Nature of Warfare Prayers: Students learn to become effective in spiritual warfare by gaining insight to the enemy’s goals and tactics. You will be given a schematic outlining how to engage in spiritual warfare-including taking a stand against the devil, wresting against spiritual forces, and praying in the Spirit.
    The Explosive Nature of Warfare Prayers practical training exercise: How do you use the armor of God to defend or launch attacks against Satan? What false pretenses have you believed that is currently hindering your prayers? This exercise will guide you to rescind those pretenses and launch your prayer into the realm of explosive warfare.

About the Instructor

Aubrey Fenton
Dr. David Ireland, Ph.D

Is the founder and lead pastor of Christ Church, a multisite, multiracial congregation in northern New Jersey, USA. Dr. Ireland’s personal emphasis on prayer and intimacy with God has helped to grow his congregation from 6 people to over 8,000 individuals hailing from 70 different nationalities. He travels widely focusing on leadership development and teaching others about prayer and intercession. Dr. Ireland completed his graduate degree in theology at Alliance Theological Seminary, holds a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Regent University, and received postdoctoral training from The University of Pennsylvania. More about Dr. David Ireland.



In this course you will:
• learn how to graduate your current prayers into more effective intercession.
• learn how to build prayer shields around yourself, your family and community.
• understand how to go deeper into the joys and discipline of prayer and intercession.


• This course consists of 6 lessons and 6 prayer exercise. Each contains a video lecture along with a Demonstrating the Art of Intercession prayer manual that contains 6 lessons for each corresponding lesson.
• This is a self-paced online course. At the end of this course the student will receive a certificate of achievement that proves you took the entire course.


This online course is available for only $55.00 which includes all video lesson, prayer manual and certificate of achievement.
*Payment is non-refundable