Demonstrating the Art of Intercession

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demo1Demonstrating the Art of Intercession is the Advanced level at the School of Prayer. This level is appropriate for you if the following three statements hold true regarding your current prayer life – as a daily practice you spend at an hour or more in prayer over the past several years. You incorporate a weekly fasting schedule of a day or more as part of your prayer life and you’ve completed a 21-day fast or longer in the past two years. In addition to taking prior prayer courses you’ve also helped trained and developed intercessors and now you want to take your prayer-intercessions skills to new heights.

If the above best describes your prayer life then Demonstrating the Art of Intercession is for you! If not, please see our other two online courses.

Demonstrating the Art of Intercession Course Syllabus

Each lesson is approximately 1 hour in length

  • Lesson 1 – The Art of War: This lesson is intended to increase your expertise in effectively taking a stand against the deceptive and vicious attacks of Satan. You also learn how to launch preemptive Spirit-directed attacks of your own.

    The Art of War practical training exercise: How can you discern when and to whom when directing spirit led attacks? This prayer exercise will help you to distinct when, to who and how.

  • Lesson 2 – The Church at Prayer: This lesson is aimed at equipping you to lead congregational prayer by gaining an understanding of God’s heart in establishing the local church as a house of prayer. You will learn the different styles of leading corporate prayer and how to effectively lead prayer in a public setting through the use of the path off prayer method.

    The Church at Prayer practical training exercise: Is there a biblical path of prayer that you can follow when leading corporate or public prayer? This training exercise will guide you through the practical path of prayer that can be an outline for any public prayer setting.

  • Lesson 3 – Leading Congregational or Public Prayer: Understanding the role off the congregation as well as the prayer leader is an important aspect of leading public prayer. We will study both roles and apply a prayer exercise to reinforce this section of our lesson.

    Leading Congregational or Public Prayer practical training exercise: What are the different settings for public prayer? How can the leader lead the congregation or public into fulfilling their role? This training exercise will help you, the prayer leader, aptly guide those you are leading effectively into the throne room.

  • Lesson 4 – Helping Others Encounter God: This lesson is intended to give you the tools to facilitate a prayer gathering where others have a genuine encounter with God-namely, they experience His heart, His mood, and His burden for that prayer session. You will learn what it means to have the spirit of prayer present in the meeting; how preparedness brings focus to the time of prayer; how to utilize Scripture to stimulate faith and agreement around the prayer topic; and how to shift the prayer topic through your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

    Helping Others Encounter God practical training exercise: How can the prayer guide lead others to encounter God via a public prayer setting? What are some common hindrances and bad habits that many public prayer leaders often demonstrate when leading public prayer? This training exercise will help the prayer guide identify and remove bad habits when leading public prayer.

  • Lesson 5 – Leading a Concert of Prayer: Leading a Concert of Prayer is aimed at positioning you to facilitate corporate prayer meetings in which participants pray in agreement with Scripture, in agreement with you as the prayer-guide, and in agreement with one another. The goal of this lesson is to train you to cultivate unity, singleness of focus, and faith so that God’s power is present during corporate prayer.

    Leading a Concert of Prayer practical training exercise: How can the prayer guide foster singular agreement in a corporate or public prayer setting? This prayer exercise will train you in the proper prayer method(s) to use when seeking to obtain the power of agreement through public prayer.

  • Lesson 6 – Intercessory Worship – The Harp & Bowl: Intercessory worship is an essential tool for leading and participating in corporate prayer. This lesson is intended to further equip you with skills for facilitating effective and meaningful prayer gatherings. By applying intercessory worship to your prayer-leadership, you will become adept at connecting people to the presence of God, thereby strengthening their faith for receiving answers to their prayers.

    Intercessory Worship – The Harp & Bowl practical training exercise: What is The Harp & Bowl method? How can the prayer leader use this method when leading protracted times in a public prayer setting? This lesson will guide you in the practical methods of The Harp & Bowl and give you a biblical understanding of utilizing this method.

About the Instructor

Aubrey Fenton
Dr. David Ireland, Ph.D

Is the founder and lead pastor of Christ Church, a multisite, multiracial congregation in northern New Jersey, USA. Dr. Ireland’s personal emphasis on prayer and intimacy with God has helped to grow his congregation from 6 people to over 8,000 individuals hailing from 70 different nationalities. He travels widely focusing on leadership development and teaching others about prayer and intercession. Dr. Ireland completed his graduate degree in theology at Alliance Theological Seminary, holds a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Regent University, and received postdoctoral training from The University of Pennsylvania. More about Dr. David Ireland.



In this course you will:
• learn how to strategize in prayer and obtain trophies of intercession by launching attacks against Satan.
• learn how to identify and remove bad personal prayer habits that should not be emulated in a public prayer setting.
• learn how to become effective in training other intercessors in the art of intercession.


• This course consists of 6 lessons and 6 prayer exercise. Each contains a video lecture along with a Demonstrating the Art of Intercession prayer manual that contains 6 lessons for each corresponding lesson.
• This is a self-paced online course. At the end of this course the student will receive a certificate of achievement that proves you took the entire course.


This online course is available for only $54.95 which includes all video lesson, prayer manual and certificate of achievement.
*Payment is non-refundable

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