About Us

The School of Prayer exists to equip Christians in the art of intercessory prayer. The School of Prayer provides instructional classes on prayer, intercessory traning opportunities, and affiliated opportunities at regional prayer centers. The School places an emphasis on equiping local churches and pastors with strong intercessors who’re burdened to help intercede for revival and a transformed society evident through widespread dramatic conversions and the rise of strong Spirit-directed churches.


What we do

The School of Prayer aims to partner with other likeminded churches and para-church organizations to offer three levels of instruction and intercessory prayer training for the beginner, intermediate and advanced intercessor.  The School holds training two times per year utilizing certified faculty that is representative of the best teachers and intercessory coaches in the region.

Why should my ministry become a host site for The School of Prayer?

In aligning yourself or in subscribing to the overall belief of any organization it is best to also identify with its reasons for existence.

"I would rather teach one man to pray than ten men to preach."
Charles Spurgeon

If you believe: 

  • The Holy Spirit is placing an emphasis on prayer in the body of Christ.
  • God’s people can be taught how to pray in such a way that they secure answers from the Lord.
  • There needs to be systematic Bible training on prayer coupled with live prayer sessions to reinforce the newfound knowledge.

If you want to see:

  • Your congregation excel and receive an impartation in the spirit and art of intercessory prayer.
  • A sustained prayer movement of the Holy Spirit that can change your church and region.
  • A practical plan to fulfill the Lord’s prayer for His house to be a house of prayer for all nations.

If you want to access:

  • A systematic training course for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of intercessory prayer provided by certified instructors.
  • Exemplary curriculum based on a solid Evangelical theology on the subject of prayer-intercession, spiritual warfare, how to lead corporate prayer, and much, much more.
  • A platform to have your intercessors trained and the senior ones certified in the art of leading corporate times of prayer.



What’s involved in being a host site?

The School of Prayer uses centrally located churches as host sites for its spring and fall regional training sessions.  To be a host site, the church should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Agrees to provide two (2) four-hour blocks of time in its building in the spring and again in the fall semester. Thus, four (4) training days per year are earmarked in its facilities for the School of Prayer during a minimum commitment of TWO (2) years.

    "He who does not pray, therefore, robs himself of God's help and places God where He cannot help man"
    E.M. Bounds

  • Can provide three meeting rooms where a minimum of 30 students can be taught in either the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels of intercessory prayer.
  • Agrees to work in concert with the School of Prayer in gathering a minimum of ninety (90) students per semester (or 180 people per year) from the churches within your region, which will cover all associated expenses (i.e., facilitators, manuals, administrative, etc.).
  • Each student (and not the church) is responsible for their own fee.
  • Is willing to choose eight (8) leaders from within their congregation to be trained and certified as instructors for the School and intercessory trainers within their region. Four (4) people should be good Bible teachers and four (4) should be gifted intercessors who have public prayer-leading abilities.
  • The church should be a strong church within its region that other congregations look to for wisdom, training, and leadership.


What is the cost for becoming a School of Prayer site?

There is no cost to become a site.


How would my congregation or ministry benefit?

Your ministry will have access to the best teachers and intercessory
trainers along with exemplary curricula.

  • Each member of your congregation can find their current level of knowledge in prayer, whether it’s the beginner’s, intermediate or advanced level.  They will also have a clear plan to get to the next level  of effectiveness in prayer.
  • The knowledge and effectiveness of intercession is sure to drastically increase, as your intercessors will participate in how-to sessions with leading intercessors via a structured curriculum.
  • Your prayer leaders will receive information and practical training in how to lead in public prayer.  You’re sure to see an increase in your congregation’s participation in corporate prayer in addition to answer to prayer.
  • All graduates of the School of Prayer will have free access to sermons from world renown speakers on the topic of prayer via our members only login at the School of Prayer website.



How often would The School of Prayer meet at my site?

"We tend to use prayer as a last resort, but God wants it to be our first line of defense."
Oswald Chambers

The School of Prayer is designed to hold two trainings sessions a year; usually one in the spring and fall.  A session will cover two (2) four-hour blocks of time.  The total training time of eight (8) hours per semester is more than enough to cover the entire six-lesson manual and the practical prayer training that reinforce the biblical teaching.


What is the cost for attending The School of Prayer?

The cost for attending onsite is $65.00 per semester per student, which includes the appropriate instructional manual for the selected level of prayer. This fee also gives the student full access via membership to free online resources on prayer located on the School of Prayer website.


How can I and/or my ministry become more involved in The School of Prayer?

Our prayer is for the School to be regionally driven by people with a similar vision to see people trained in prayer. Therefore, we have slotted availability for advisory board members and ministry partners who will help broaden the reach and scope of the School of Prayer. To learn more, please ask us for additional details.



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